Live Networking at Fierce JPM Week

#FierceJPM, a multi-day hybrid event will showcase news, insights, and an overview of the 2022 outlook from the industry’s top companies and executives!


Fierce JPM Week attracts a high-level audience with key decision makers from the biotech, pharma and healthcare industries.  The 2021 event brought in over 4,500 registrants and 2,500 attendees.   

Aud Target

Here are just some of the ways you can make the most of your time at #FierceJPM...  


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     Matchmaking & 1:1 Networking


#FierceJPM will feature matchmaking and 1:1 networking in our mobile app Brella. 


  Intent-based matchmaking powered by AI 

  • High-quality recommendations are key to networking success 

  • Carefully choosing your areas of interest will connect you with brand managers, marketers, creative strategists, social media experts and innovators in the pharma, biotech and medical device industries


  High-quality recommendations 

  • The app will recommend the most relevant connections among hundreds of attendees 

  • All the recommendations have opted-in for networking which guarantees a high meeting acceptance rate and a great networking experience 


  Booking a 1:1 meeting made simple 

  • Brella proposes times slots that are available for both - no back-and-forth with figuring a meeting time 

  • Calendar integrations and email notifications make sure people show up to their meetings  


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    Breakfasts, Breaks, Lunch & Reception


Engage in face-to-face discussions you've been craving with speakers and peers during one of our coffee breaks or receptions, all taking place right in the exhibit showcase.