We might have thought the COVID-19 pandemic would be over by year-end 2021, but experts now say the virus will likely always be with us. It has dramatically shaped the way we live our lives and continues to present the scientific and healthcare community with one of the greatest challenges we have ever faced.

As we all know, the annual J. P. Morgan Healthcare Conference every January is the unofficial kickoff to the year for the biopharma and healthcare industry. It is the perfect time to discuss what comes next, and what the new year has in store for us all.

Details are still underway for JPM Week 2023, but we certainly hope to be back live next year in San Francisco, as well as virtually across the globe. We have missed you and are so excited for the opportunity to see you all face to face againPlease stay tuned for more information.

Hope you have a wonderful 2022 in the meantime, and we’ll definitely see you next year!

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